What does VAUCH InfoTech think about eCommerce Consulting as a Solution? Our Team of experts uses latest Technologies for developing all the Platforms & Systems. We have also developed a tool called Code VAUCH which helps Development of any Projects or Solutions with neat and clean code resulting Robust Platforms.

For VAUCH, setting up eCommerce business does not only mean just developing a Robust B2C and B2B Platforms but these companies also need other back end systems to reduce manual activities and most important reduce or eliminate errors. We at VAUCH Team has expertise in building Robust and Scalable B2C and B2B Platforms but more important VAUCH  Team also has expertise in building other Supporting Systems as well.

  1. Cataloging System
  2. Supply Chain Management (Order Management System)
  3. Business to Customer Portals
  4. Business to Business Portals
  5. Third Party Integrations

VAUCH Team possesses great Knowledge and Expertise on building a Scalale and Robust Cataloging System:

Cataloging System is a key System which is used to create SKU’s and also capture Product information. The Architecture of the System should be designed in such a way that there should be no limit for creating Categories and their Sub Categories. Also there should be no limit for creating number of SKU’s with all their important attributes and mapping of the Categories. The Cataloging System should also Multicurrency so there should not be any limitation is Purchasing and selling of the Products.